This video shows how Peak Performance Sports training, Fitness gym can help improved your game. Using the fitlight system for Hockey



Hockey requires extreme coordination. Hockey players need incredible hand-eye coordination to hit a puck with a stick at an incredible rate and accurately hit the intended target all while moving on a sheet of ice. Strong hand-eye coordination in hokey means players’ bodies will be able to react more quickly to what the eyes see and to what the mind interprets. 

Goalies need fast reaction time and extreme coordination to see the puck and to react quickly and accurately to prevent a score. The goalie must also have the situational awareness and patients to be able to see everything without overreacting. 

Forwards and defensemen must have movement efficiency and a quick first step to be able to move quickly, change directions, and stop at any time. They need the strength and stamina to last the game and incredibly fast reaction time to make quick plays. Successful players are able to see and asses the entire rink, understand and interpret what is happening, and quickly react before their opponent does. 

FITLIGHT Training is a universal program specifically designed to increase hand-eye coordination, explosiveness, reaction time, speed, strength, accuracy, and focus. 

The FITLIGHT Trainer is an innovative speed and reaction training system that uses wireless sensor devices to track and analyze human performance. These sensor devices are equipped with RGB LED lights and that the user deactivates with the foot, hand, or other sports equipment either through movement or physical contact. The lights are controlled wirelessly by a tablet and can be arranged in any way such as mounted on walls, placed on the floor, or attached to cones or goal posts in order to accommodate any sport or training regimen. The FITLIGHT Trainer tracks and measures speed, accuracy, reaction time, and coordination to provide immediate feedback. The FITLIGHT Trainer is a targeted program designed for both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to become the best they can be in their competitive sport.

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, we have the training program to get you there. 

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