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Fitlight training for basketball

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Basketball is one of the most popular and competitive sports in the world. Basketball requires players to rapidly changing from bouts of low-intensity movements to bouts of intense explosiveness. Along with the aerobic and anaerobic activity, basketball players need hand-eye coordination to catch, pass, and shoot the ball. In addition, basketball players need fast reaction time, quick decision-making, and an explosive first step in order to come out on top. 

First-step quickness in basketball is essential to outperform everyone else. An explosive first step creates countless opportunities to destroy your defender. While speed may seem like an inherent quality, it can be trained. Extensive research has shown that first step explosiveness comes from the rapid change between concentric and eccentric movements, or the shortening and lengthening of muscles known as the Stretch Shortening Cycle (SSC). Players can learn to tap into the SSC through learning techniques such as a negative step, scissor step, skip and low bi-lateral movements to develop an explosive first step. To quicken the muscle’s stretch-shortening cycle, athletes need exceptional strength, speed, agility, and control. 

Peak Performance Training Center offers sport-specific FITLIGHT training coupled with a uniquely targeted strength and conditioning program. 

FITLIGHT Training is a universal program specifically designed to increase hand-eye coordination, explosiveness, reaction time, speed, strength, accuracy, and focus. 

The FITLIGHT Trainer is an innovative speed and reaction training system that uses wireless sensor devices to track and analyze human performance. These sensor devices are equipped with RGB LED lights and that the user deactivates with the foot, hand, or other sports equipment either through movement or physical contact. The lights are controlled wirelessly by a tablet and can be arranged in any way such as mounted on walls, placed on the floor, or attached to cones or goal posts in order to accommodate any sport or training regimen. The FITLIGHT Trainer tracks and measures speed, accuracy, reaction time, and coordination to provide immediate feedback. The FITLIGHT Trainer is a targeted program designed for both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to become the best they can be in their competitive sport.

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