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Baseball requires exceptional hand-eye coordination, situational awareness, quick-decision making, focus, and incredible reaction time. Ted Williams, one of the best all-around baseball players of all time said, “the hardest thing to do is to hit a round baseball with a round bat, squarely.” Baseball batters must be able to see the ball, swing, and make solid contact within 0.4 seconds to hit a 90 mile per hour fastball. 

Likewise, outfielders must be able to catch a batted ball at 100mph, quickly analyze the field, make a tactical decision, and throw the ball accurately at an incredible rate. To do this, athletes need to have incrediblereaction time, make quick decisions, and throw accurately. 


Peak Performance Sports Training Center offers sport-specific FITLIGHT training coupled with a uniquely targeted strength and conditioning program. FITLIGHT Training is a customizable program specifically designed to increase hand-eye coordination, reaction time, strength, accuracy, and focus. 

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, we have the training program to get you there.